TOP 10 Celebrities Having Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism has always been a very serious problem for any person. Having alcohol addiction, people become unable to cope with their job commitments, relationship issues; they become more irritable, so they break down their lives. Celebrities also have simple human shortcomings and alcohol gives them pleasure and helps to cope with stresses and fast rate of life. Its damaging effect on celebrities is more noticeable, because people in real time watch how their favorites let their careers go downhill. Let’s mention the top 10 celebrities having alcohol addiction.

10. David Hasselhoff

The actor’s role in Baywatch was the beginning of his sad glory as the alcoholic. In 2007 a video with drunken actor went viral and extended on the media. As a result David Hasselhoff forced serious problems in visiting his children.

9. Lindsay Lohan

Everyone at least once has heard about the Lindsay’s drunk tricks. She is a frequent guest of police stations. For example, in 2010 the judge induced her to wear a special detector to check her alcohol use.

8. Mel Gibson

The actor was twice arrested for drunken driving. Mel Gibson has battled the addiction during all his adult life. Also, he visits the rehab for his problems.

7. Ben Affleck

There are a lot of opinions that Ben’s life consists of intervals between hard drinking and successful roles in movies. Still in 2001 he checked in rehab. However, in 2013 his movie Argo won an Oscar. He is a very contradictory person.

6. Michael J. Fox

The star of Back to the Future was drinking alcohol many years long. It brought to the development of Parkinson’s disease. Michael J. Fox overcame his addiction and became the example for a lot of people.

5. Robin Williams

The famous comedian could not cope with his addiction. Started in the early 80s, Robin continued to abusing alcohol until 2014. He died that year.

4. Billy Joel

Alcoholism became a serious problem for famous rock musician Billy Joel. It changed his life and career very much. He repeatedly checked into “tough” rehab.

3. Stephen King

It’s possible to say that Stephen is the only, to whom alcohol sometimes helps. His greatest works were made when he was in alcoholic intoxication. That’s why his books are so mysterious and fascinating.

2. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel is a typical example of a child who grew up in a show business. He became alcohol-addicted. Radcliffe’s real life was not so fantastic as the actions of his character Harry.

1. Bradley Cooper

Cooper had various periods of his life. For some years he was suffering from alcohol addiction, then, he had been sober for some time. This cycle was repeated many times. Cooper has understood that alcohol affects not only yourself, but people around you also suffer.

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