Lindsay Lohan

photo Lindsay Lohan
Name: Lindsay Lohan ( Lindsay Dee Lohan )
Born: July 02, 1986
Age: 38 years old
Birthplace: New York, USA
Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches
Occupation: actress, singer, designer and model
Relationship Status: not married
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  • Horoscope: Capricorn
  • Net worth: $5 000 000
  • Ethnicity: mixed (Irish, German, Italian, Irish, Italian-Sicilian)
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Michael Lohan
  • Mothers name: Dina Lohan
  • Education: Grade 11 and further homeschooling
  • Hair color: red
  • Eye color: grey
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    Lindsay Lohan: biography

    Scandalous and bold Lindsay Lohan is the brightest and rather sad example of what can happen with the child because of the glory. In all fairness, it is worth saying, that even adult and mature persons often don't withstand the trials of the copper pipe. What to say about the little girl whose parents began to make a star of her when she hardly turned three years.

    The actress Lindsay Lohan
    The actress Lindsay Lohan

    At present Lindsay Lohan is not only a famous American model, a movie star, a singer and a designer. In recent time her name appears in the press more and more often in connection with new scandals. The girl tirelessly becomes the center of the scandals pleasing paparazzi or fans of "yellow" press who are looking forward to the sensational news.

    The charismatic red-haired girl was born in New York in July 1986. She was a fidget and free spirit as well as many children. But her parents have recognized the future actress in their daughter. Her parents had resources that's why they decided to invest their money in the promotion of the future star. The head of the family Michael Lohan, who was a stockbroker, inherited multimillion "macaroni" business from his father. He sold his business and started to invest funds in independent Hollywood projects and his daughter.

    Lindsay’s mother, Dina Lohan, a former dancer and member of "Radio City of "Rockette", is an artistic person and a gorgeous woman. In due time she tried herself as an actress. But she wasn’t successful in this sphere. She made up her mind to realize her dreams of big cinema in her baby Li-Lo. Since the age of 3, Dina took her daughter to different auditions and shootings.

    A little girl with thick red braids and freckles was vibrant in all senses, and the representatives of the famous Ford model agency noticed her. Lindsay Lohan appeared in the commercials "Wendy's & Jell-O", "Gap" and "Pizza Hut". This way, people saw Li-Lo when she was just three years old. Insignificant commercials, she appeared together with the famous comedian Bill Cosby.

    Lindsay Lohan with her mother
    Lindsay Lohan with her mother

    Until the age of ten, the girl has got more than 60 works in advertising in her asset. Lindsay received an offer to play the character of Alli Fowler in the popular series "Another World". She appeared in a couple of episodes, but the directors managed to pay attention to her. Red-haired Lindsay Lohan felt uninhibited in front of the cameras as Lindsay began her career at the age of three. From the first take, she did everything that the director demanded. She wasn't capricious and behaved like an adult actress.


    At the age of 12 years, the cinematic career of Lindsay Lohan suddenly began to take-off. This accident happened after the release of the excellent family comedy "The Parent Trap" in which the young actress got two roles at once – she embodied the characters of the twins Hallie and Annie. It is remarkable that despite their similar appearance movie sisters had cardinally different traits of character.

    Young actress Lindsay Lohan
    Young actress Lindsay Lohan

    The actress has played her role brilliantly, and after the comedy came out on the big screens in 1998, she became famous overnight. She was in a blaze of her glory and was happy with her first awards. She got the titles of "Breakthrough of the Year" and "Best Actress of the Year". She gave interviews and took part in the shootings for newspapers and magazines. And Walt Disney Pictures studio offered Lindsay Lohan the advantageous contract for the participation in three projects at once.

    The mother of aspiring actress Dina Lohan, who already was a socialite at that time, began to coordinate all the contacts and her daughter’s working schedule. Lindsay’s career was taking off. Three other younger children of Dina – Michael, Aliana, and Dakota lacked their mother's care and attention. Though, Dina was patronizing Lindsay too much. Dina understood that her elder daughter was very talented and was a "profitable investment".

    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "The Parent Trap"
    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "The Parent Trap"

    Dina Lohan filtered the flaw of the offers from the directors with skill and diligence to choose impressive and memorable roles. She at once rejected ordinary and boring works. This way, the daughter didn't spend her energy on secondary and low budget projects not to become a mediocre actress.

    The melodramas "Anger Management" and "World Revolutions" have come out. These movies enhanced Lindsay Lohan in the status of the young star, and the audience remembered her. The girl got an invitation to the popular TV show about children’s health of children under the title – "Healthy Children". Li-Lo visited this show together with her mother and business manager.

    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "Life-Size"
    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "Life-Size"

    Lindsay Lohan’s life wasn't that easy. Except for the numerous shootings and auditions she had to study. At first, her progress was rather good, and she even demonstrated remarkable abilities to the exact sciences. But her work in cinematography took all her time and at last Lohan have given preference to the movie industry.

    Within the contract with Walt Disney's studio, the actress took part in high rate comedies as "Life-Size" where she appeared together with Tyra Banks, "Get a Clue" and "Freaky Friday". In the latter movie, she appeared on the shooting stage in the duet from Jamie Lee Curtis. This comedy directed by Mark Waters in which Li-Lo received the main role was the first commercial project of the aspiring actress. The audience could listen to Lindsay Lohan singing in this picture. She sang the song under the title "Ultimate".

    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "Freaky Friday."
    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "Freaky Friday."

    The actress achieved the peak of glory after the premiere of "Mean Girls" in which Li-Lo has performed her last teenage role. This movie is a classical "school" comedy which tells the story of the teenage girl Cady and reveals the unpleasant truth about behind the scenes of the American school. It was the first time when Lohan met Rachel McAdams on the movie set.

    Lindsay enriched her list of awards with one more MTV figurine for Best Actress. The same year 2004 the admirers of the actress saw their favorite actress in the fantastic comedy "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" where she acted together with prominent actors - Adam Garcia, Glenne Headley, and Megan Fox.

    Lindsay Lohan in the picture "Mean Girls"
    Lindsay Lohan in the picture "Mean Girls"

    Later Lindsay received "adult" roles in serious projects. Lindsay Lohan who began to get comedy roles more often was dreaming of trying herself in another role for a long time. She had a burning desire to finish with the comedies after the failure of the next picture of the light genre under the title "Just My Luck".

    Soon her dream came true. In 2006 Lindsay Lohan got the offer to play a role in the historical drama "Bobby" about Robert F. Kennedy’s shooting. A year later one more drama came out on the screen. It was a psychological thriller "Chapter 27" about John Lennon's murder. The actress received the role of Lennon’s fan who makes friends with his assassin.

    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "Chapter 27"
    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "Chapter 27"

    Sharon Stone and Meryl Streep highly appreciated acting skills of Li-Lo in this movie. They told that "the girl was living a life in front of the cameras". Only the film crew knew how difficult it was to work with Lindsey Lohan, who was constantly being late and breaking the working schedule. In 2007 "Maxim" magazine entitled the actress the sexiest woman of the world and she headed the list of the most seductive women.

    It seems that the comedy genre was pursuing the celebrity: during that period the actress took part in the humoristic comedy "A Prairie Home Companion" in which Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline performed the leading roles. The project was hugely successful, and Lindsay again began to love the comedy genre.

    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "A Prairie Home Companion"
    Lindsay Lohan in the movie "A Prairie Home Companion"

    That’s why when the director Garry Marshall invited Lindsay Lohan to play a role in the comedy "Georgia Rule", the actress accepted his invitation at once. In this movie, she received a role of the spoiled little girl Rachel who comes to Idaho to her strict grandmother Georgia. By the way, Jane Fonda brilliantly performed the character of the grandmother. The comedy went on the screen in 2007 and received positive criticism, and the audience met it warmly. The admirers of Lindsay Lohan began to talk about her triumph.

    Drugs and alcohol

    Not a lot of people know what was going on on the movie set for this project. In reality, Lohan turned out to be very similar to the eccentric heroine Rachel. She already had alcohol and drug abuse. She was late for the shootings after the massive hangover, she skipped working days and disrupted the shooting process. Cameramen, producers, and her colleagues were observing this all the time. Jane Fonda was outraged to the core with her young colleague’s behavior. She said that she had never met such non-professional and irresponsible people before.

    Lindsay Lohan took drugs
    Lindsay Lohan took drugs

    Once Lindsay Lohan was taken to the clinic right from the shooting stage. She supposedly had had a "sunstroke". The whole film crew was discussing the real cause of this "sunstroke " and they again had to change the working schedule. The girl was hitting the bottom of her life falling into heavy drinking and going on the benders. Tabloid newspapers were discussing it all the time.

    Lindsay Lohan being drunk
    Lindsay Lohan being drunk

    For the next three years, Lindsay Lohan didn’t have any breakthrough in her career. She took part in the mediocre comedy "Labor Pains", in the failed thriller "I Know Who Killed Me" and in the brutal fighter under the title "Machete". It seemed that the smiling and charismatic girl with honey-golden hair in the past had just disappeared.

    Legal problems and treatment

    In spring of 2010, Lindsay Lohan hasn't come to the court hearing on the case of the traffic violation in the state of intoxication. The judge has issued an arrest warrant. But after the posting of a band, the order was called off. In May of the same year, the Hollywood actress was obliged to attend lectures about the evil influence of alcohol each week, to abstain from alcohol, to wear a unique "anti-alcohol" bracelet. Moreover, she had to be tested regularly on the trace of narcotic substances in the blood.

    Lindsay Lohan attended lectures about bad influences of alcohol
    Lindsay Lohan attended lectures about bad influences of alcohol

    In July of 2010, the judge considered that Lindsay Lohan had violated conditions of the trial term. The court rendered the decision on the imprisonment for 90 days. Also, after the detention, the celebrity had to obtain treatment for drug addiction in some of the specialized clinics.

    But the actress spent only 14 days in the prison. Her offense didn't involve any violence, and the prison was full at that time, to the luck of Lindsay. On the 2nd of August Li-Lo got out of jail and went to the clinic. She had her treatment for drug and alcohol addiction for 90 days.

    A couple of weeks later after leaving the rehab clinic, Lindsay Lohan failed the test for drug trace. As it turned out, she couldn’t resist and took cocaine. The Hollywood actress confessed in this on Twitter. She regretted that she couldn't stop herself, and claimed -

    "Drug addiction is a disease and, unfortunately, you can’t cure it for one night."

    In November 2011 the famous actress was sentenced to 30 days of imprisonment by the divisional court. There appeared legends about Lindsay Lohan's drunk and disorderly conduct. The tabloid newspapers were continually savoring the details of her stunts in the state of alcoholic or drug intoxication. To some extent, the dissonance in her family was a reason for her behavior. Her father accused her mother of the fact that she had derailed her daughter's life. Her parents began to live separately. Lindsay was blaming herself for the things that had happened. She relieved her emotional stress with the help of cocaine or and liters of alcohol.

    Lindsay Lohan got treatment in the rehab center
    Lindsay Lohan got treatment in the rehab center

    Close friends of Lohan knew that her bottle of "water" which the girl always had, in fact, contained vodka with soda. In clubs, the celebrity asked her friends to pay for her alcohol drinks so that her parents couldn’t see it in her credit card the bills.

    After the long break, the star decided to continue her career. Lindsay Lohan returned on the screens in 2012. Among the most noteworthy and significant works with the participation of Lindsay we can call the following pictures "Liz & Dick" where she appeared as a character of Elizabeth Taylor, "Canyons" and "Eastbound & Down". Besides, the actress performed cameo roles in some projects, as "Chorus", "Scary Movie 5" and "Scream Queens".

    Lindsay Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan

    In 2013 the information about the overdose of Lindsay Lohan again appeared in mass media. She repeatedly said that she had given up her bad habits long ago and managed to overcome them. But the reality turned out to be very different. Her shameful photos appeared in yellow press one by one. In one of the pictures, Li-Lo was drunk and was dancing on the table. In another, she was nearly falling near the bar counter. Being aware of her conduct and addictions, the directors invited her to the shootings less and less.

    In her filmography, Lindsay Lohan possesses not only prestigious awards but also anti-awards for her failed roles. For example, the actress received Golden Raspberry awards for Worst Actress in the comedy "Just My Luck". Though, for her remarkable role in the movie "Freaky Friday," the actress got the prize of Golden Globe Awards.

    Music and songs

    Lindsay Lohan discovered her vocal talent in childhood. Since then she was developing her skills with pleasure. The year 2004 was marked for the Hollywood star by the release of the debut album under the title "Speak" She presented her album with the popular single "Rumors". The fans Lindsay Lohan admired her versatile talent, and in a short time, the disk became "platinum" and occupied the fourth line in the national chart.

    By rumor, Madonna got interested in this talented singer with red hair. Supposedly, she even planned to sing in a duet with Lindsay Lohan. The well-known Barbie dolls company released the copy of Lindsay with similar thick red hair and freckles. The doll joined the series of the same toys which were copies of Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell, and Marilyn Monroe.

    Personal life

    Particular attention to the private life of Lindsay Lohan could be explained not only by her fame but also by her disorderly conduct. Annoying paparazzi follow her everywhere, being sure that the scandalous celebrity will meet their expectations and will give reasons for gossip and "ideal picture" for tabloid newspapers.

    Lindsay’s love affair with the singer Aaron Carter was the first one about which was discussed by the journalists in the press. At that time the actress turned just 16. By rumor, this relationship became the reason for hostility between Lindsay Lohan and the actress Hilary Duff.

    Lindsay Lohan and Aaron Carter
    Lindsay Lohan and Aaron Carter

    It seems that Aaron was courting two charismatic celebrities at the same time – Li-Lo and Hilary. And he couldn’t make his choice. When Lindsay learned about this, she left Carter at once.

    In one of the interviews the mother of the star, Dina Lohan called the star of "That ‘70-s Show" Wilmer Valderrama the first love of her daughter but not Aaron Carter. It seems that he has shown the girl all "delights" and vices of the nightlife of Los Angeles. After their break-up, Lindsay Lohan's life derailed, but Valderrama has strengthened his positions in cinematography and became a famous and demanded actor and the boyfriend of Hollywood stars.

    Wilmer Valderrama and Lindsay Lohan
    Wilmer Valderrama and Lindsay Lohan

    After the moment of parting with Wilmer Lindsay's personal life has turned into the chaos. She changed boyfriends as gloves. By rumors, the beautiful actress had short flings with the handsome model Spenser Falls and also with the TV host Calum Best.

    During the shootings of the drama "Chapter 27," Lindsay Lohan met Jared Leto. Their love affair began very quickly, but it also has promptly come to an end. The gorgeous red-haired actress preferred another handsome man whom she picked up from her best friend, Paris Hilton.

    Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto
    Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto

    But in 2006 flighty celebrity fell in love with the famous restaurateur Harry Morton. But in a short time, Morton left the girl because she was screwing around and cutting off the spigot and had terrible predictions. She had gone through the rehabilitation course in one of the clinics and began a new love affair, with the girl this time.

    Her scandalous relationship with the DJ Samantha Ronson lasted for three years. They began their relations in 2008 their love affair involved break-ups, reconciliations. They usually showed their passion and quarrels in public. As a result, they broke up.

    Nevertheless, Lindsay’s scandalous tricks didn’t come to an end. It seems the celebrity herself became the embodiment of the scandal. In 2014 the list of Lindsay's boyfriends appeared on the web. Allegedly, it was Lindsay Lohan, who had made up this list. There were 36 names in this list. In this list, the fans of spicy information found the names Joaquin Phoenix, Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom, Benicio Del Toro, Colin Farrell, Zac Efron, Heath Ledger, Lukas Haas, Jamie Dornan and many other well-known names.

    The love affair with Egor Tarabasov

    In autumn of 2015 there appeared information in mass media Lindsey Lohan began to meet new boyfriend – the son of the Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov. At that time the guy was only 22, he had the British citizenship and was working in the real estate sector. Lohan was seven years older than Egor, but this fact didn’t prevent the couple to announce themselves groom and bride nearly at once.

    Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov
    Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov

    In March of 2016, Lindsay posted Egor's photo on Instagram, where he was unpacking the things. Moreover, she informed that they were going to live together. Soon the lovers appeared on the front pages of tabloids because of their rough quarrels. However, in the beginning, the young people reconciled quickly.

    Tarabasov had his own business and was very wealthy, so Lindsay Lohan could again lead a bohemian life as before. Two years before they met each other she had wasted all her money and declared bankruptcy. She even moved to live with her mother’s as she had no money to pay the rent.

    Li-Lo appeared at the expensive ski resort in the Alps and also on the beach in Costa Rica in the company of Tarabasov. Nonetheless, they continue to have showdowns which sometimes ended in the fights. At the same time, they stayed to have rough quarrels which were often passing into fights. Such photos quite often appeared in the pre. Nevertheless, Lindsay Lohan acquainted her groom with her parents about what happened for the first time in her life.

    In 2015 the scandalous beautiful actress appeared at the red carpet of The Asian Awards together with Tarabasov. She was wearing a luxurious Fendi dress. Unfortunately, their harmony came to an end in the summer of 2016. The young people had fought on one of the beaches in Greece. Soon there appeared the new about their separation.

    The remarkable dress of Lindsay Lohan at The Asian Awards ceremony
    The remarkable dress of Lindsay Lohan at The Asian Awards ceremony

    In the meantime, in Russia, the public was attentively observing the development of the relationship of the Hollywood star with the wealthy Russian. Andrey Malakhov invited the scandalous star to his show "Let Them Talk". Lindsay Lohan claimed the sky-high fee of half a million dollars.

    Nobody knows the amount of the final fee, but the interview has taken place. Lindsay Lohan has told about the scandalous break-up with the oligarch’s son. By her words, she was going to have children from her Russian boyfriend and had serious intentions to create a family with him. She liked his parents, but they didn't seriously take the fact that his son was raising his hand against his beloved.

    Lindsay Lohan and Andrey Malakhov
    Lindsay Lohan and Andrey Malakhov

    Besides, Lindsay Lohan told that she was fed up with supporting her boyfriend, Egor. According to her information, he didn't work, and she had to pay his bills. His wealthy father sent his son to receive the education. At first, Lindsay found Egor Tarabasov pleasant, open and honest. She felt protected and weak woman near him. But in a short time, everything has changed. Lindsay Lohan, who turned 30 years had to support her young lover. Meanwhile, he dared to raise his hand against her.

    It is worth noting that the groom has proposed to the star. Though, Lindsay had to buy the ring on her own. Finally, the actress has taken a difficult and painful decision and left Egor. Answering Malakhov's question about why she demanded to meet with Vladimir Putin, Lindsay responded that she only wanted to secure herself during her visit to Russia. She received from her ex-boyfriend, and he also banned her from taking part in this programme.

    During the TV show, the Hollywood star told about her plans to have a family with not less than 4-5 children. Also, she dreams of her own cosmetics line, and she wants to be engaged in the charity activities.

    Lindsay Lohan finally announced the break off of her engagement with Tarabasov. It seems that in her life the new man has appeared. It appears that she has met another man Greece. Anyway, she posted romantic photos with the Greek businessman Dennis Papageorgiou on her Instagram. The actress started publishing these photos just after the break-up with the son of

    In October 2016 there was information that Lindsay Lohan had had an accident. During her rest with friends on the yacht in Turkey, she could lose her finger. The star tried to weigh the anchor on her own, but her ring finger got stuck in the loop. When the woman took her hand out of the water, she was terrified to see that she lacked one finger bone. Her friends got their bearings quickly and found her finger. The emergency surgery in one of the Turkish hospitals helped the Hollywood star to save her finger.


    • 1996 – "Another World"
    • 1998 – "The Parent Trap"
    • 2002 – "Get a Clue"
    • 2003 – "Freaky Friday"
    • 2004 – "Mean Girls"
    • 2006 – "A Prairie Home Companion"
    • 2006 – "Bobby"
    • 2006 – "Chapter 27"
    • 2007 – "Georgia Rule"
    • 2010 – "Machete"
    • 2013 – "Canyons"
    • 2014 – "2 Broke Girls"


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