Top 5 Hollywood Fashionistas

Life of celebrities is always a subject of interest and curiosity for us. Some of them play the role of a sample of beauty. We even try to pattern ourselves on them. Let's revise in our articles top 5 fashionistas and their luxury brands, unique vivid styles and clothes combinations. Who of those celebrities can't imagine their lives without daily shopping with their golden credit card?

Today we will reveal the secrets of the shopaholic stars and count the astronomical sums they spend on shopping.

Who of Hollywood celebrities is famous for their immense love for dresses, bags, shoes and jewelry? Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez - these celebrities can buy separate homes for their acquisitions!

1. Victoria Beckham

How much is the title of "style icon"? The answer to this question may know Victoria Beckham. Paparazzi always know where to find it - on the street of expensive boutiques in New York, London or Los Angeles.

Unlike his colleagues, Beckham does not hide his addiction: “I can’t do anything with myself: when I see a thing that I like, I buy it in several colors at once. Probably, I am a shopaholic, but I would love to go shopping every day.

Record store spending for Victoria Beckham is $150,000 per day, but that’s just the small stuff: according to rumors, in the first year of her marriage with David Beckham, Victoria spent $16 million on purchases. And Victoria’s appetites do not fade: her favorite fashion fetish is the famous Hermès Birkin bag. Victoria Beckham has more than a hundred of these bags - from classic models to collection ones.

If we take into account that the approximate cost of such a bag starts from $4,000, and Beckham has more than a hundred, you can count that Victoria could save only one small African country from hunger by saving money from buying Hermès Birkin bags.

Victoria Beckham | Instagram
Victoria Beckham | Instagram

2. Jennifer Lopez

What did a poor aspiring singer named Jennifer dream of sitting in her small rented apartment in the Bronx? Of course, that one day her dressing room will be more than her whole apartment today. And Jennifer Lopez fulfilled the dream.

The main item of expenditure in the budget of Jennifer Lopez was Christian Louboutin shoes. Lopez loves this French brand so much that she even dedicated a song to her. In total, Jennifer has 70 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes with the famous red sole, there are even pairs that Monsieur Louboutin has developed specifically for Jennifer.

“Yes, I’m probably a shopaholic, but I’m not going to seek help from specialists and I don’t consider it a disease,” Lopez says and admits that she selectively approaches her impressive spending: “I buy clothes that look feminine and like men, and most of all I love sexy underwear.”

Jennifer Lopez's every day seduction recipe: ultra short Roberto Cavalli dress, crocodile Birkin Hermes, Tom Ford glasses and Christian Louboutin shoes on a 15-centimeter stiletto - in this way the actress likes to go shopping in search of designer clothes.

Jennifer Lopez | Instagram
Jennifer Lopez | Instagram

3. Lindsay Lohan

When the photos of the Lindsay Lohan’s Los Angeles mansion hit the Internet, everyone was shocked: it turns out that poor Lindsay has nowhere to live, because half of her house is occupied by boxes with new shoes and hangers with clothes.

Lohan's friends reveal the terrible truth: "Lindsay constantly buys clothes, she is just like a maniac - she has already accumulated a lot of absolutely new things, but she does not stop. Probably, shopping for Lindsay Lohan is really the favorite treatment for depression.

Admittedly, an expensive tool: journalists estimated that last year alone, Lohan spent more than $ 1 million on clothes and shoes. In the storerooms of her mansion there are Prada dresses for $ 8,000 and Balenciaga bags for $ 2,000. Lindsay Lohan's personal best in a boutique is $ 20,000 in 20 minutes.'

Lindsay Lohan | Instagram
Lindsay Lohan | Instagram

4. Katie Holmes

Who would have thought that the modest Hollywood actress Katie Homes, who is called by American magazines as Stepford's wife, would also be in the ranks of shopaholics.

The first signs of the disease called “I spend five-digit sums in boutiques” were noticed by her husband Tom Cruise and immediately sounded the alarm: after a bosom friend Katie Holmes and a notable slump Victoria Beckham had an educational conversation with her, Holmes immediately acquired a dozen different-colored Hermes Birkin for yourself and an expensive wardrobe for a little fashionista Suri Cruise.

“She doesn’t do anything except shopping, and for one trip she can leave $ 200,000 in stores,” Tom Cruise complained to journalists, and without thinking twice, they calculated that while Cruise was sweating while filming a new blockbuster, Katie Holmes in six months left in stores at least 10 million dollars!

Katie Holmes | Instagram
Katie Holmes |Instagram

5. Paris Hilton

Heirs of the world famous hotel chain are allowed everything, including spending an inheritance in expensive boutiques. Paris Hilton is enjoying life and her sudden glory with might and main, and prefers to keep the golden fruits of this glory in jewelry stores on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Diamonds are Hilton's main weakness: Paris has a whole collection of expensive jewelry at home, which she bought herself or received as a gift from friends and fans.

Another literally weak Paris Hilton's weakness is hair ornaments: she has more than a hundred of them, and Hilton loves both expensive headbands from Chanel and inexpensive alternatives. In any city where Paris comes to visit, she is sure to explore local boutiques. Hilton calls her favorite brand Chanel - she has more than 20 Chanel 2.55 quilted bags on the chain in her collection.

Paris Hilton |  Instagram
Paris Hilton | Instagram

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