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Name: Jessie J ( Jessica Ellen Cornish )
Born: March 27, 1988
Age: 36 years old
Birthplace: London, UK
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Occupation: singer, songwriter
Relationship Status: not married
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    Jessie J: biography

    The talented vocalist Jessie J has become the first British who has set a record in the prestigious American charts of Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, perhaps, she is the only celebrity, who has risked to shave in public to raise funds for the charity. She calls her fans the heartbeat and delights them with her new songs with great pleasure.

    Childhood and youth

    Jessica Ellen Cornish (the real name of the singer) was born on the 27th of March of 1988 in London Borough of Redbridge which historically belonged to the County of Essex. In her interviews, the singer more than once called herself "the girl from Essex," making the accent on the importance of her background. She became the third daughter in the family of Cornish. Her father Stephen is a social worker, and her mother Rose is a nurse in the garden.

    The singer Jessie J
    The singer Jessie J

    Little is known about the early years of the future star. Jessie grew a sickly delicate child; she had heart troubles. Her stay in the hospital at the age of eleven became one of the serious events which influenced Jessie's further life. Here she heard how her neighbor who had undergone the serious surgery was praying for the recovery, but unfortunately, he died the other day.

    Little Cornish was shocked so that she decided to compose a song in honor of this child. Six years later she realized her idea. In such a way there appeared the singer’s composition "Big White Room." By the words of the singer, at the age of eighteen, she had a slight stroke.

    The singer Jessie J
    The singer Jessie J

    Jessie began to have an interest in dancing and acting much earlier than in the music. At the age of four she was already engaged in the ballet, then she began to have fancy for step, modern choreography, and dramatic arts. She began to receive her education at a high school in Redbridge, as well as her sisters. Being the younger of Cornishes she "inherited" the reputation of the queen of the ball, the activist with great progress. Though, Jessica was absolutely different from these characteristics.

    "They said: "Oh, you are a girl from the Cornish family", - and expected me to behave as my sisters", The singer who didn't distinguish with the leader's skills and academic knowledge on the school objects remembered.

    Later she transferred to Colin's Performing Arts School. Here at the age of eleven, she played in the performance of the composer Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber under the title Whistle Down the Wind. In 2002 she appeared in the play of National Youth Music Theater to the troupe of which she joined.

    Jessie J
    Jessie J

    When Jessie turned fifteen, she won the title of the best pop singer in the TV contest for the teenagers called Britain's Brilliant Prodigies. She performed under the name of Jessica Cornish. Later she has taken herself the creative pseudonym of Jessie J, and she confessed that there was no any sacral meaning in the letter J.

    Having finally decided to connect her life with art, the girl passed examinations to BRIT School – London School for Performing Arts and Technology. It is the unique higher education institution which specializes in the creative disciplines from which there have graduated many remarkable stars: Tom Holland, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Leona Lewis. By the way, two latter singers studied at BRIT at the same time with Jesse.


    At first, the young singer signed the contract with Gut Records company and was preparing for the record of her debut album, but in 2008 the company went bankrupt. Then Jesse tried herself as a songwriter and concluded the contract with Sony ATV company. Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus are among the famous singers who have performed her compositions.

    The singer Jessie J
    The singer Jessie J

    At the same time, Jessie led her YouTube channel and a personal page on MySpace where she shared her creative works. Due to the executive director of Sony ATV the reference to Cornish's account has got to Jason Flom, the president Lava Records company. Jessie J began to cooperate with them alongside with Universal Republic company.

    In 2011 the artist released her debut album under the title "Who You Are." Six of ten singles from this disc have been included to the Hot 10 of the main chart of the music world - Billboard Hot 100. Before Jessie, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Michael Jackson have gained such success, and among British performers, Jessie J became the first one.

    Jessie J's song "Price Tag."

    While the singer was proud of the collaboration with David Guetta, and called the composition "Nobody's Perfect" one of the best in the album and the header track "Who You Are" her pride, the fans on both sides of the Atlantic were captivated by the song "Price Tag" which brought to Jessie international recognition. The song video has strengthened the achieved positions.

    During next two years the singer received many awards including BRIT Awards and BBC Sound Awards She also became a mentor in the British and Australian versions of the music show Voice and took part in the remarkable festivals among them Glastonbury and Summertime Ball at Wembley stadium, and in the iconic American Saturday Night Live music and comic show.

    Jessie J on the stage
    Jessie J on the stage

    In 2013 there was released the album under the title "Alive." While working on this album, the singer cooperated with the powerful team: from the author of the songs of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Claude Kelly, to the Norwegians Stargate who were engaged in the producing.

    A year later she united with DJ Cassidy to create the track from the new album of the performer and at the same time she was working on the material for hew album. The third studio album "Sweet Talker" was released in 2014. The first single "Bang Bang" became the joint work with the popular singer Ariana Grande and the singer with the scandalous reputation and bold appearance Nicki Minaj.

    Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande singing the composition "Bang Bang."

    In 2017 the fans heard the song "Think About That" which became the first new song from the album "R.O.S.E." The acronym was formed by the following words - Realisations, Obsessions, Sex, Empowerment (i.e., the embodiments, obsessions, sex, extending rights, and opportunities). Jessie J has published the cover of the new album on Instagram. Here there also appear the photos from Jessie's personal life where she with pleasure shares her routine. Without hesitations, she posts different pictures including those where the star doesn't have a make-up.


    Giving the tribute to her young years connected with the theatre, Jessie took part in a couple of cinematic projects where she has demonstrated her acting skills. For example, she has performed a cameo role in the autobiographical 3D movie directed by Katy Perry under the title Katy Perry: Part of Me. Moreover, in 2016 she voiced-over one of the characters in the following part of the saga Ice Age.

    Personal life

    In 2011 the actress gave the interview about her personal life on the radio in which she confessed that she was bisexual. In 2014 she changed her views and told that the experience with both sexes was just a step in her life and it wasn't necessary for everybody.

    "I feel that if I continue my career, without telling about it, I will feel like a liar", - she has admitted.

    During the years 2014-2015, the singer had relations with Luke James. They broke up but stayed friends.

    In 2018 there appeared the rumors in the press about the love affair of the singer and the Hollywood star Channing Tatum. The photos made by paparazzi at one of Seattle’s restaurants became indirect proof of the relations of the new couple. The actor's fans admit that the singer looks very similar to Tatum's ex-wife Jenna Dewan, and even the names of women – Jessica and Jenna sound similar.

    Jessie J and Channing Tatum
    Jessie J and Channing Tatum

    Jessie J is known to be an active philanthropist. She supports many charity organizations which help children with serious diseases. In 2012 the actress shaved her hair during the live concert in support of Comic Relief charity foundation.

    "It’s just hair; it will grow again. Even if it takes two years, if it saves at least one life, it's worth it", - she has said in the post in the social networks.

    Jessie J at present

    At present, the singer's name is mentioned in the mass media in the first lines because of the supposed love affair with Tatum.

    In 2018 the singer also took part and became the winner of Chinese vocal show The Singer, and also was preparing her album under the title This Christmas Day for the release.


    • 2011 – Who You Are
    • 2013 – Alive
    • 2014 – Sweet Talker
    • 2018 – R.O.S.E.
    • 2018 – This Christmas Day


    • 2012 – Katy Perry: Part of Me
    • 2016 – Grease: Live!
    • 2016 – Ice Age: Collision Course


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